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Swaying tree log homes


Log homes are usually found in the coldest parts of the world - the mountains of Scandinavia, Russia, Austria, Canada etc.  The main reason for this being their ability to hold an re-radiate heat - and their ease of construction under difficult conditions!  

Log profiles

To provide you with the wall material of your liking, we have developed a wide range of different solid and Glulam log profiles.

 Product range includes 34 different log profiles either from spruce or pine material.

Extra insulation

We offer a special extra insulation system for our log walls.

Using this solution on the exterior side of the wall allows you to cover the walls with a material of your liking and adding an extra layer of insulation between the wall and exterior façade.

Standard flatlog
Glulam Flat Log
Standard Round Log
Glulam Round Log

Profiles With insolation



Norlog Construction is the modern precision machined version of the long established system of log construction.  Each flat log is planed with a three tongued and grooved sections which fit together accurately and the round log a saddle joint and both with halving machined into the logs at the intersections.

A certain amount of movement and settlement of the building takes place after erection due to natural drying out and shrinkage.  This must be accurately calculated and allowed for during construction and requires specialist skill and experience.
  Without this necessary experience, serious structural problems will almost inevitably arise, many of which will not be evident until it is too late for any remedial action to be taken.  Wood is not a stable material - it shrinks and swells as it gives up and absorbs moisture. Wood moves throughout its life, it does not matter if it is kiln-dried, air-dried or green, log homes are going to settle.  The sensible thing to do is design for that settlement.

It is important to protect the buildings from extreme weather conditions.  On extremely exposed sites where it is not possible to protect the buildings naturally it is possible, after settlement has taken place, to clad the external walls with log profile boarding, which gives the logwork additional protection.  Or certain sealants can be used at this time.



Individual costings are give for each contract

Norlog Price includes x 135mm tripple T&G interlocking log walls construction with all necessary rafters, roof & ceiling boarding and insulation. windows complete with double glazing pine panel doors complete, floor joists, skirting, architraves and insulation.

Other Trades Price foundations; internal plumbing; electrics; cleaning & painting; and roof finish.  In most situations it may be more economical to have these done by local tradesmen. not include: kitchen units, wardrobes or other fitments; the external goundworks; drains; water supply; access roads etc.  These can vary considerably depending on site conditions and accessibility.


30% of Norlog Cost must be paid at time of ordering the building, on receiving this manufacture starts in the mill, delivery is around 7 weeks from this time. A further 45% is due as materials arrive on site: rest due on completion of Norlog part. As per our Norlog Order Sheet and Conditions.  Any other method of payment may be acceptable subject to us being notified prior to costings being given, as it may affect the price.  2% per month interest will be charged on all overdue payments.   Legal ownership of all goods will only pass when payment in full has been received.

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The rest of this website has more information on the log houses, and examples of plans and costings.  If none of the examples are suitable, you can send me a sketch with dimensions of the layout you wish and I will send back a plan with costing.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  There are a selection of log cabins here in Kirkmichael, which we would be pleased to show anyone interested.  

Please phone to arrange a suitable time.

For further information and a brochure, please contact Norlog - James Rattray -


Tel: 07748 186806


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