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Log Manufacture

After manufacture has taken place, our complete order is then shipped from the mill direct to the site in the UK in 13 metre trailers.  It is essential that all ground works etc. are completed by this stage, and the site cleared up to help keep the logs clean.  A rough terrain fork lift is then required to off-load the logs, they are then laid around the site ready for construction.



A simple concrete raft is all that is necessary to support all the log walls, as the load is spread evenly throughout the structure.


The roof can be finished in a variety of different ways, but generally speaking a heavy roof is desirable for the correct settlement of the structure.  A turf roof, laid on a special turf sheet is the most satisfactory method - concrete roof tiles and other coverings can also be used.

Treatment of Logs

After erection, the logs require to be cleaned then treated externally with a good quality preservative with desired colour.  Internal surfaces of the log building should be treated with a clear flame retardant.  We are stockists for Albi Flame Retardant and this can either have a matt, satin or gloss finish - normally a satin finish is preferred.  We can supply these treatments for your own application.

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The rest of this website has more information on the log houses, and examples of plans and costings.    If none of the examples are suitable, you can send me a sketch with dimensions of the layout you wish and I will send back a plan with costing.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  There are a selection of log cabins here in Kirkmichael, which we would be pleased to show anyone interested.  

Please phone to arrange a suitable time.

For further information and a brochure, please contact Norlog - James Rattray -


Tel: 07748 186806


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