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Wood creates no environmental problems.  It improves the climate: gives off oxygen; absorbs carbon dioxide; increases air humidity; filters air; entails no health problems; and can be re-used when it has served its purpose.

View of Mountain log cabin construction

In an effort to produce a healthy environment in which to live, we feel that a log home is a good start.

Banner TextOur skin breathes in order to keep us healthy - ideally, our clothes or 'second skin' should 'breathe' therefore we try to wear clothes made from natural materials - the same goes for our 'third skin', our home.

Therefore rather than lining the house with plastic vapour barriers and sealing us in, a log house breathes and allows air and moisture to pass gradually through its 'skin'.   Although the introduction of plastic vapour barriers and draughtproofing has come about from a need to conserve energy, there comes a point when it defeats the purpose of healthy living - causing probably many illnesses, particularly respiratory.

Banner TextIn passing through wood, air is filtered and purified because, like wool, wood has a detoxifying effect.

Wood even removes unpleasant odours quickly.

Banner TextTimber as a building material uses less energy to produce and is stronger than many other materials.  It is completely recyclable and biodegradable at the end of its use.

Banner TextTimber floors need little in the way of maintenance by chemicals for cleaning and electricity use for removing dust and dirt - they can be swept clean using brushes and mops the majority of the time.


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The rest of this website has more information on the log houses, and examples of plans and costings.  If none of the examples are suitable, you can send me a sketch with dimensions of the layout you wish and I will send back a plan with costing.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  There are a selection of log cabins here in Kirkmichael, which we would be pleased to show anyone interested.  

Please phone to arrange a suitable time.

For further information and a brochure, please contact Norlog - James Rattray -


Tel: 07748 186806


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